May 18, 2009

Cycle Bound Schedule

That's right, all the chain whips in the world can't beat down your desire for new bike porn content.

In June 2007 a simple program titled, "The Pornography of the Bicycle" shocked and EW'ed many a unsuspecting viewer. The owner claimed it to be the most successful single night in the history of the Clinton Street Theater. Many reported saying they would never again look at a bike saddle the same way.

Then in 2008 a more involved more diverse program with submissions from NYC, Seattle, Columbus and Victoria BC mixed up the formula giving birth to "Bikexploitation," a mix of 70s inspired pulp film and wholesome family friendly cycle erotica.

Now we are in the Summer of 2009, only days away from the world premiere of Bike Porn 3: CYCLE BOUND. Here are the uber exciting details about the screenings:

  • Friday June 12th
  • Clinton Street Theater
  • New in 2009, an early show at 6:45 pm
  • Old in 2009, prime time show at 8:45 pm (gets out in time for the MMR)
Friday nights don't work for you? Try this last screening in June before the tour leaves Portland to demoralize the rest of the world:
  • Monday June 22nd
  • Clinton Street Theater
  • Newish in 2009, a late night show 11pm
  • EVEN NEWER BONUS SCREENINGS AT 7 and 9pm! 3 show night!
All shows are $6 and include impressive live performances.

Since it is our 3rd program we expect it to be good, possibly even violently good, like "oh my god, i just locked up your crabby-pants step-brother in the anal rape cellar" good. But we don't know yet... because there is still 2 weeks to submit a movie and a lot of humping gets done during these long sultry days and short, hot nights.

So it is up to you to create fine works of sexually charged bicycle art, to capture those images onto a format fit for display and share them with us, your humble media dominatrix.




  1. This video is so NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK
    Yet… like all NSFW Videos… it is well worth watching and sharing

    it cracks me up!
    They really pushed the limits on this BMX Ad
    Serious bike porn!

  2. we try not to point out those doing it better. but it is pretty excellent use of lube.

  3. Typing very loudly so hopefully Rev. Phil will hear this:

    This is Laura, one of the chicas at the BikePorn screening in East Van who thought that BikePorn3 needed more twat.
    Really computer-retarted so I can't figure out the complexity of finding an e-mail address for you.

    Can you e-mail me and update on if there's going to be any of *my* twat in BikePorn3?
    Sorry for the retarted-ness.

    Squeaky-oily-chainy-rubber bike love...


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