May 26, 2009

Internets is full of Sex

Bicycling was also associated with men's sexuality. In the late nineteenth century popular press cartoons often depicted weakened men having to assume women's household chores because women were busy being athletic, while men who lived in cities and/or led inactive lives were considered "effeminate." Cycling was advocated as a means through which they would recover their manhood.

thanks to Taisau for making available such historic radness WITH CONTEX!

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Sex with athletes as a metaphor for safe biking? No, wait... safe biking as a metaphor for sexual control in a dangerous place. WARNING: motorized content ahead

In an ideal world, women would be able to do whatever and whoever they wanted and damn the consequences. Like motorcycling, however, casual sex has dangers as well as thrills. The numerous nasties include diseases, drop-kicks, double standards and scary new recording devices.
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Just how popular is porn really?

Might porn be less searched out for if we had more porn in the rest of our lives? Leads to the idea of red states using more pornography than blue states. If it is more popular in places where porn is more taboo, we might have less overall if we had it more available... like in public broadcasting and church for example.

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Ba Gock! See your pets interpret your sex face. Credit goes to the slightly more awesome radical sex blog, Lickey Split (that's why we link to them right over there)


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