May 27, 2009

Industry buffs and rebuffs some more

We have long stated that biking is sexy on its own merits. Heath, movement, freedom. It is all pretty fucking sexy without any additional fluff. But then "fluff" is what keeps the industry rolling and apparently the bike sex industry has some new players.

What we got here... hot girl in wings in the foreground, some lycra in the back. Seems like the industry standard hasn't changed much. Perhaps we should be grateful that there are any men at all (we think some of those blurs are men).

Of course on the far other side of the contingent Tea Bags on Toptubes has been dominating the world of bicycle sexual perversion for some time (we believe their blog was "instigated" on Clinton Street following the first ever screening of The Pornography of the Bicycle. A claim to fame if we ever heard of one.

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