April 26, 2011

And.... we're off!!

Behold the latest in Bike Smut European map technology!

Assuming that we are able to survive and complete the most exciting day of mind blowing bureaucratic numbness ever we will be leaving for Vienna, Austria in just a few hours!

Having already gone to the insurance and registration places to get the proper stamps on our asses we are now prepared for our full on "In the Bureaucratic-Black Tuesday" which involves us:
  • getting our brand new Euro-friendly stickers, and our even more euro "friendly" condoms out of a customs holding cell
  • making sure our used van pass its absurdly anal (even by porn standards) inspection
  • receiving our "green card" proof of insurance in the mail
  • taking those papers down to get our license plates at the euro equivalent of the DMV
  • printing out copies of our new Bike Smut Euro Tour Zine, now available in German, Italian, French and Spanish
Then we get the fuck outta town!

If we had any less stellar a team of bikesexuals there might be cause for alarm. But we have assembled quite the crew. You can read about us on the BikeSmut.com's slick new dossier page

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