April 25, 2011

Niche Piece of Work

Please enjoy some casual reading on the status of internet pornography, thru the power of quantifiable measures and statistics, SEXY!

Something that we thought of immediately that the author didn't pick up on (or perhaps chose to not explicitly state) was the importance of niche porn. Who among us would proudly state that we really enjoy "mainstream porn"?

Can you imagine how that pillow talk would go?
"Hey, that sex was really good and I'm feeling ready for another round. You know what gets me really hot? Watching some missionary"
This probably comes from a truism of porn and fetishes, which goes something like, 'if it gets the players playing..." The idea being that people who make niche, fetish porn are often more likely into it themselves, or at least the people involved in its production are more likely to be excited about it, and that excitement will translate directly from the lens to the screen to your pants. (Either that or the money is better.)

This is as much a statement about pornography, as it is about filmmaking in general. Both have fallen on hard times since their artistic zenith of the 70s. Yet, because of the lowest-common-denominator style film making that we have been exposed to for so long, we have seen a new class of artists rise from the ashes like a smegma encrusted phoenix. Where grandiose films like Ben Hurr and Deep Throat have left off, projects like Made in Secret have stepped in with new production and distribution methods.

People have consistently defined ourselves by what separates us from others, by our uniqueness. More and more people are looking to be enticed by something they can feel is special. Something possibly dirty, taboo. Where will this desire end?

A better question is, when will it get you started? One of our goals in producing and touring with this program of self-propelled, DIY erotica is our belief that a individual's recognition and understanding of their sexuality will lead to an improved quality of life. The available alternative is learning to fuck just by watching standard porn. Which, due to porn's omnipresence, is becoming the de facto reality for many adolescents.

Even if bikes don't turn you on* (AHEM, WHAT!?!) you should know, and possibly have been steadfastly avoiding, the strange bits of life that make you sexually interesting. Meat and potatoes are fine, but avoiding fetish, or casting others off for being "weird" is generally a good indicator of sexual repression, or worse.

Move your ass and make some niche porn! If you wanna make some for us, the deadline for Bike Smut 5: SPEED is less than a month away!

*(we reluctantly accept that Bike Porn is not for everyone, and to that end we have already have developed a cunning, curiously NSFW plan to remedy this situation)

Image credit to Bike Smut Romania... WOW! We opened our 2nd international office without even knowing it!! Go us!!!

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