April 1, 2011

Bean Town Pimpin

We interrupt this self congratulatory blog post with a healthy dose of luscious bloggity masturbation
"This isn’t your mom and dad’s porn. This isn’t even the stuff adolescent boys dream of; it’s porn with a niche, porn for a specific counterculture looking for some offbeat fun." Dig Boston article by - JENNIFER CHOI

“The goals have always been to showcase work that is under-represented. Sometimes it’s queer, sometimes it’s women, and sometimes it’s straight men. Regardless, it’s all work that nurtures me and my communities and makes Boston a little more bearable” CineMental founder Aliza Shapiro.
We now return to our regularly scheduled self love.

Boston really loves Bike Porn. Last year the bikesexuals of Boston made it clear, these people love bikes and sex. Approximately 450 fine-ass-fuck lovers of cycles packed the Brattle to the gills.

This weekend, we do it again... twice!

Here is a snippet of what has been said in the buildup: border guard life for the touring bike pornographer

"Put down your messenger bag, roll down your pant leg, and stop freaking out drivers and pedestrians for a moment" ZING! The New Gay throws down some find derogatory fashion commentary

And finally, the Phoenix demands that you watch the goods! "Bike Porn: for some reason when you put those two words together, they sound extra dirty"

Oh yea, as dirty as you make it.


Thanks for helping us reach the sexy masses! With all this attention we hope to look good enough for yalls!

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