April 16, 2011

Gettin' Lucky with it!

Let us take measure of our good fortune:

We were still able to buy tickets to Europe the day of our travel after the airline cancelled them and sent the "you can fly on our plane" message in German.

We were able to convince the ticket lady to kick some bureaucratic ass for us and hold the flight and escort us through security checkpoint allowing us to jump onto the plane moments before the gates closed.

We were unable to get our bikes on the same plane, but because we got lost walking to our Berlin host we didn't have to drag heavy boxes all over and instead got them delivered.

We found a great place to show bike porn in Berlin, but the show was already cancelled, but we have a number of people lining up for more bike on biker action.

We now have a van and are about to start traveling all over the continent.

We are staying in a great place, with excellent hosts who have a wall of macaws.

We have been able to party with great people and will do so again!

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