July 3, 2011

Berlin Speed

Berlin is big. Berlin is crazy. Berlin has porn. Bike Smut is ready. We've been waiting for this moment ever since we left Berlin the first time back in mid-April without being able to do a show there. Since then Bike Smut has exploded across the eastern reaches of the European continent, and is now fully set to re-engage Berlin and its multitudes of sexiness.

Bike Smut's first hit of Berlin on July 7 is organized by porn comrades from the queer feminist porno mag Bend Over and Too Much Pussy. Our show will feature the queer electro chic band Scream Club, and a set by DJ Juan of a Kind. How can you find the Bike Smut show on July 7? It's really very simple - follow the fancy dress bike ride from Hermannplatz to the King Kong Klub (Brunnenstr. 173). The show begins at 22.00, more details about the fancy dress ride will be added in the near future. Tickets to King Kong Bike Smut will be 3 Euros.

Following a day-long nap, Bike Smut takes another lap around the porno velodrome at Schwelle 7, Berlin's center for the mystical pursuit of 'experimental body work and body research.' We will be pedalling there on Saturday, July 9 at 21.00.

Can you catch us?

1 comment:

  1. Are you gonna organise a ride to schwelle9 as well, or do we just meet there?


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