July 25, 2011

Do your wheels roll straight or queer?

Just about everywhere we've been in Europe - in the Czech Republic, in Austria, in Poland, in Germany, in Sweden - we've met radical queers who are all going to one place: the Copenhagen Queer Festival. A week long hot mess of steaming tangled queerness. So we're pretty excited that Bike Smut is going to be there tomorrow, packing one queer anarchist from Gothenburg into Stonewall Johnson and traveling across an epic 16 km long bridge-tunnel-artificial island combo to reach the revolutionary queer paradise in Denmark.

But remember this, comrades: there can be no queer revolution without bikesexual revolution! So come pedal with us in Copenhagen, this Wednesday night at Råhuset, Onkel Dannys Plads 7, probably around 20.00. Just before the sex party, to which we are sure your bicycle is welcome.

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