July 23, 2011

Sweden talks back

We take up a lot of space on this blog talking about ourselves, our plans for the future, and generaly how awesome we are (we're so awesome!). And usually no one ever talks back to us (except for the comment thread on our Malmo post, which we heartily recommend you review). It's just us, talking and talking. But we don't like that. We want to hear what the common people think. Well, the common people have finally spoken. In Swedish, but nonetheless, thanks to the comments section of our news appearance in the Sydsvenskan newspaper, we now have a precise composite picture (vie Google Translate) of what the people think of us and the bike porn project;

Those who want to see these people do porn have to be very sick
- King

Would be interesting to see what the "jones" is going on behind the four walls. Or wait a minute ... Believe it is reflected in these bizarre lust you can think freely from the internet.
- apan_som_styr_skutan

There are no monkeys in Sveige därmemot a Bernadotte and another variant of that, and so you yourself of course. The monkeys from the zoo.
- Black Coffee

I wonder if
Mitt Möllan gets its business wholly or partly funded by Swedish taxpayers' money. "Cultural subsidies." I would probably really do not know, because I think the answer would be disheartening.

Well, it must be tender to have sex with a bike, you've certainly heard the joke about the nun who rode without a saddle. Well, they're just so happy, they make of course no harm.
- Reds TV

Bicycles who have sex ?????
What are they for? SEXTASY.
Ride on !!!!! Do not forget your helmet.
- aroma2011

have wet dreams about my red Crescent
- volcano man

Have always wondered how the new bikes are made!? Thanks!
- Peter Peppe Gullstrand

How much crap you can actually hide under Culture
- 2numera1

Curvaceous woman, that ... Too bad it is already occupied ... ;-)
- voice_of_wotan

The people have spoken!

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