July 16, 2011

Lick the Kiel of my boot!

Wow! That was, by many accounts, the most successful European show ever! Was it our new, interlaced videos and performances? Was it the locals demand for more joyful, liberating art? We may never know, but we are pretty excited just the same, thank you!

Tonight, part 3 of our German triple-play.

Saturday the 16.07.2011
Calvinstraße 20
24114 Kiel
10 pm

Three shows in three days would be too much for most pornographers, but thankfully our thighs are used to the strain and chaffing. Plus the local bike-folk have taken it upon themselves to design up some images for us. Thanks!

Come see our newest pornographer GiGi as she works your bodies to the breaking point. Then, on Sunday afternoon please come enjoy Kiel bike polo!

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  1. Thank you! Here some photos by micha :


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