April 26, 2012


Oh dear, is there a 12" adjustable wrench in our pocket or are we happy to see you?!?!


A weekly series of movies and performances to encourage better sex and better transportation

Every Tuesday night in May Bike Smut will take over the Clinton St Theater with a new program designed to titillate, educate and motivate. The summer months are nearly upon us; when was the last time you gave your ride a long, hard one over?  Speaking of long hard ones, when was the last time you were in an audience full of consenting adults watching porn together? And not just any porn, porn to change the world by.

That's right, we put a bike-fucking bird on it

Each week the films and performances in SPRUNG! will focus on a particular idea relating to sex and transportation without repeating any of our amazing content. The themes are:

May 8th POWER
By riding bicycles we take control of our transportation, of how we move across our communities and interact with them. Bicycles free us from the rigid boundaries of a car.  By asking our community to make erotic films, we can help redefine obscenity, and free ourselves from the capitalist ideals of pornography. Bike Smut is about reclaiming agency over our daily lives and defeating the patriarchal appropriation of our bodies.

But this isn't about bikers vs drivers, or queers vs breeders, or pervs vs norms, or film snobs vs couch potatoes (well, it kind of is about the latter; we HATE when people shut themselves in). This is about elevating our lives. Both porn lovers and haters are enamored with the way Bike Smut engages topics of sexuality, providing a venue for emerging artists to share their ideas and a forum for discussion and exploration for all.  Drivers, walkers, longboarders, Rascal pilots, all are encouraged to share. (Note: we are making an exception for pocket bikes, if you choose to ride one of those around your neighborhood you probably deserve to be alone).


What a way to kick off this series of movies that have inspired better sex and better transportation then by capping off the May Day celebrations with movies inspired by the Revolution?!!?

It is our honor to host the Portland Premiere of Bruce LaBruce's infamous "Raspberry Reich"
"The Raspberry Reich" is an agit-porn movie about modern leftist Germans adopting the culture and politics of the extreme left wing movements of the 1970s. The leader of the Raspberry Reich, Gudrun, who has patterned herself after Gudrun Ensslin, one of the main members of the Baader-Meinhoff Gang (the Red Army Faction), spends her time indoctrinating vital, athletic young men to her cause. A strict devotee of Wilhelm Reich, she believes that heterosexual monogamy is a bourgeois construct that must be smashed in order to achieve true revolution. To that end, she forces her followers to have sex with each other to prove their mettle as authentic revolutionaries. A porno-political-palooza.

The film also acts as a critique of the left, particularly in its tendency to not practice what it preaches via unrealistic and dogmatic political rhetoric. The film is an examination of the phenomenon of "terrorist chic", depicting how the signifiers of radicalism are now packaged and sold by capitalist culture as a way of neutralizing and rendering ineffectual any sort of viable, sincere revolutionary impetus.  

With manifestos, blow jobs, threats of violence, and decrees of "death to the capitalist pig" whilst fucking in the street The Raspberry Riech will leave more than an impression. How this film has never been officially screened in Portland before is beyond us.

Every Tuesday in May
Clinton St Theater
26th and SE Clinton
9:00 pm
18+   $7 (discount with password)


  1. A film that is dedicated in showing people's modern culture.

    1. huh? the modern culture of a hyper-sexual terrorist cell?



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