April 20, 2012

Double-fisting bikesexual movies

If it sounds sexy, it's cause it's gonna be fucking sexy!

This day, (some 14 hours form the time of this writing) the wold premiere of Tranny Snachers will occur at the Hollywood Theater (where we just saw Annie Sprinkle last week)!

This is a pure Cascadian porno. We can't say for sure it is sex-positive (its a pretty challenging term at times), but we are confident it is sexuality-aware, which MIGHT be more important.

Following this curiously violent idea to end all genders, there is a bike ride to end all movie screenings! Coming hot off the heals of Filmed By Bike, (where we met, and smoked with Gary Fisher) the Dropout Bicycle Club is hosting a free, outdoor movie screening for all to enjoy!

Just last month they celebrated an entire weekend of depavement debauchery including a mutant bike cyclecross race though a small industrial lake with a beer stop in the deep end.

Possibly the best bike club in Portland, if not the world and you can bring your own movies about trannys or transportation to the event, tomorrow night! Just meet at Col Summers at 9:30 and bring some dollars for beer. What could be easier?

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