April 9, 2012

Media Monday: Pornocalypse

We at Bike Smut love to travel, and while we have done plenty of traveling over the past 6 years we are definitely enjoying cooling our heels for a spell in the delightfully ecosexual waters of Portland. But there is at least one amazing reason to jet out across international fluids.


For many a year now, the most walkable/bikeable capital city in North America has hosted a regular cause to put on the dog. Bike punks are not thought of as being highly fashion forward, but when it comes to bike punk formals all bets are off!

Nice boutineer? I thought you sad Booty-Teen Ear!

In gloriously encouraging Victoria, British Columbia
Saturday, May 26, 2012
Ride leaves Centennial Square at 7pm.

Oh the rides, the passions, the presentations, the pageantry! Plus prizes and accolades for Best Dressed Bike and Best on theme (bikes + prom + apocalypse). Don't miss on your chance to behold the surprises and suspense that await you on the island; which begs the question, will you ever get off... the island?

that last sentence was far too punctual, forgive us

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