April 2, 2012

Media Monday: You've got Female!

Our Bike Smut Queen, Poppy's large bosom is full of hot package we want to share with you!

 Our messages have reached the world over! From hungry bikesexuals in the "official" home of porn in Los Angles

To the plucky bikers of Manchester, United Kingdom

If you were a cleaver chimp and asked for a package we probably sent you one. Includes artwork from SonOfSon and stencil work found in the basement of the most bike friendly flophouse in Cascadia.

People often ask us how they can see these fabulous movies.
We tell them their only available when we play a show live, we don't sell DVDs
To which people ask how they can get a show to play at their city/Town/village
Our reply: MAKE PORN!
Dont despair! You can still help us spread the message of joy and liberation that comes with better sex and better transportation. Just let your friends know that they have but one month to create their own ideas of a brighter, more humptastic tomorrow.


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