June 28, 2012

After Party People

One might think it is foolishly arrogent to plan for a sweet after party days before the party has even started. What is the point of the afterparty, but the sweet excitement of having loads of people who unamiously agree, "This feeling must not end!"

That's what a world premiere is like. No one in the audience has a clue what is about to come next and that thrill and mystery builds the anticipation to another level. With the most graphic program we have ever curated and excellent sponsors who can offer you:

When it is all over what will you do? Dance? Drink? Fuck? All of the above in the streets? Oh, the tyranny of choice! It is understandable that you might be suffering from some anxiety due simply to the  head-spinning caused by the possibility of so much fun!!

Let us solve your dilemma (slightly) with one more sponsor
Shift (free bike fun)

Saturday, June 30th @ 2pm be at SE 12th and Alder 
in sunny Portland, fucking Cascadia!
Your home for kickass, DIY, older-than-Pedalpalooza free-fun times!

Join us for something a little different. A few hundred of your friends and strangers gathered to listen to music, compete in races, watch tall bike jousting, and plenty of good old fashioned DIY bike fun!

Wasthat?? You think 2pm the following day does not count as an afterparty?  Well we think it doesn't matter when  you start partying, it matters when you stop! The power is in you! 
yea captin, prob some energy drinks too!

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