June 15, 2012

World Nake Bike Pictures

 For a few hours this weekend Portland, Oregon returns to the life-affirming embrace of Cascadia


It is hard to describe how amazing it feels. How something so simple can be so revolutionary.

Our weekly alternative newspaper the Portland Mercury, asked us for some insight. Here are some highlights from Sara Mirk's article
• Fanny packs are modesty flaps; says Bike Smut film festival organizer Reverend Phil Sano. Point taken. Also useful for staying discreet: a mask.
• Wear some damn clothes. Namely, shoes and a helmet. Cheek-to-seat action is not so bad, but tender-foot-to-pedal is no fun.

Its a bare as you dare ride, so you can wear clothes or tongs or nothing at all! Everyone rolling under their own power is welcome to join! So much fun! Join in the action no matter where you are!

Bike Smut is hosting a DIY paint station! Be there when the gates open at 9 and goes as long as the paint lasts.

This collection of great photos courtesy of a website that tragically branded them, even tho they just stole them from the original artists. oh well.  it does include an interesting camera logo reminding tus that we are always under surveillance, even when not riding your bike naked.

This event is made possible in Portland by Shift's free fun event: Pedalpalooza, Umbrella and a number of loving individuals who want you to experiece more joy and liberty in your lives. 

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