June 12, 2012

Thanks for getting SPRUNG!

HA! Between receiving your exciting new expressions of bike romance, planning the brutal public flogging of the worst transportation planners in Cascadia and helping to organize the estimated TEN THOUSAND naked bodies that will fill the streets of Portland in the worlds largest naked bike ride we have not really taken account of all the action we have had going on over here.

Paul Hanna/Reuters

We got you SPRUNG!

Well its been nice sharing with you many of our favorite non-bike specific erotic/porn movies. Many expressed regret not being able to attend all of the shows, and that is reasonable. Each program was stunningly different and with no content repeating...

We would like to offer our thanks to our many supporters including...

our inspired filmmakers:
Bruce LaBruce's infamous story of leftist queer sex revolution "Raspberry Reich"
Tinto Brass's tale of a young, horny, Italian girl demanding sex... NOW!  "Monella
Courtney Trouble's oversexed FTM's hunt for his stolen bike "Billy Castro Does the Mission"
Jenifer Lyon Bell's patient expression of love in a world gone soundbyte "Skin. Like. Sun."
Rinse Dream's surreal hardcore post apocalypse art house midnight movie, "Cafe Flesh"

our glorious performers:
Hammercise who created all new bikesexual dance moves for our performance
Miss Steak who's erotic Jesus Christ Superstar puppetry shocked and stunned
Fatha Green who's magnanimous use of the mic humbled and entertained

and also the folks at the Clinton St Theater for their commitment to creating more interesting, local content not to mention and all the people around town who thought our image of a pair of birds humping on bicycle handlebars was not at all offensive (especially because we have not been able to put up ANY of our TURNING TRIXXX posters anywhere!)

So, there you have it. Five successful screenings on the themes that matter to people who like to get around and not let anyone else tell them how or who to ride. It seems the answer to life might be a paraphrased quote of the Portlandia:"Put a fucking bird on it!"

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