June 26, 2012

BikeSmut 6: Turning TriXXX


Bike Smut has never been more graphic.
More revolutionary sex!
More queer bike!
More awesome performances!
More Bike Love!


Bike Smut 6 is Turning TriXXX across North America

With films from two feminist porn award winners, as well as entries from 6 different European countries, we have never been so excited to share this art. Below we have a list of all the brilliant and diverse films you will see at the show!

Slut <3 Bike <3 Love  (2:40)
Sarah Armstrong & Rødbro, 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
A story of bike-sexual sluts and their search for freedom in the city.  A gang of girls get on their bikes to see what they can find.

Muchar Living Pictures, 2011, Graz, Austria
An erotic dream of indoor bicycle racing.

Tinto Brass, 1998, Italy
Tinto Brass has been long considered the King of European erotica and is most famous for the film ‘Caligula’. ‘Monella’ is from much later in his career, but opens with one of the most charming scenes of bike-sexulaity in mainstream cinema.

A Ride (5:32) 
AntionnexVx, 2011, London, UK
One room, one chair, two characters dressing up for a ride.

Lexo City Bike Tour (3:20)
Lexo, 2012, Italy
An Italian woman ass-erts herself on a city-provided bike.

Queer porn hotties Courtney Trouble and Bianca Stone find themselves covered in grease after some careless riding ends in a dramatic bike crash. They kiss and make up and go to rinse off. They scrub each other squeaky clean, and make sure to get each other off before they get back on their bikes.

Pandora Blake, 2012, Surrey, UK
Molly has arranged to meet her girl in the woods for a picnic, but Pandora has other things on her mind. She knows how horny it makes Molly to have her bottom smacked, and that gorgeous bum looks so sexy perched on her bike saddle that Pandora tells her lover to stay there while she spanks her.

PUMP! (6:04)
Rev Mook, 2012, Los Angeles, CA
A girl riding in the desert gets a flat, soft tire. Unable to find help, she discovers a bike pump! Unfortunately the pump fails to get the tire hard enough for her liking, so she explores alternative methods to convince the pump to make the tire hard.

Smut Noir (3:45) 
Megan D. and Jenn H., 2012, Portland, OR
A private detective is on the hunt for a notorious bike thief.  When she finally tracks down the culprit,  she hits her with some hard punishment. These three-time Bike Smut contributors have chosen to use the noir style for their latest work.

Bike Maintenance (6:00)
Adrian, 2011, Berlin, Germany
A self-described chronic masturbator and bike lover services himself and his bike at the same time.

The Bike Wizard (6:15)
Jessie Sparkles, 2012, Seattle, WA
Two budding bike-sexuals are confused about how things go together. Good thing the Bike Wizard is around to help them figure things out.

Madison Young, Girlfriend Films, 2012, San Francisco, CA
A peak at an epic lesbian bike porn adventure. Feminist Porn award winner, Madison Young, explores the many ways queer bike messengers might get frisky during an average day at work. One of the only bike porns to ever been released on DVD.

Come Find Me (21:33) 
Courtney, Trouble, Poppy Cox and Rev Phil, 2012, Oakland, CA
A woman wakes up to an enticing polaroid, inviting her on a bike powered scavenger hunt.  After a lot of teasing she gets her thrilling reward.  

After 6 years, we still do not make DVDs or put these films online. The only way to see this program is to come to a screening.


  1. O HAYYY. I forgot to credit my buddy Joey Miller at iamjoeymiller.com for the photo!

    Also, you guys and gals rock!


    1. FUCK YES! Thanks Joey Miler! and thank you Tightpants for being a model of bikesexuality.

      (bikes) LIFT EM UP!
      (pants) DROP EM DOWN!


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