September 3, 2012

Audience Reactions to "Turning TriXXX" - Seattle

Whenever possible we love to give voice to the people who live the life and make their community more exciting by their presence. We had the opportunity to meet one such leader in his community after our recent screening in Seattle.

Abundant a user on the popular sexual website, FetLife had this to say about our new program Bike Smut 6: Turning TriXXX:

The show was great. Fun mix of content (though I am a straight dude withe the predictable biases). I can see how more gender & orientational diversity would appeal, though that clearly depends on the submissions you get. And some of the prior showings I've seen had tons of diversity.

handmade bike chain choker by Abundant
I really enjoyed the surrounding questions, conversation, and interaction with the audience, even if we were a little reluctant to engage. People seemed looser after the show; maybe prime with some questions before, and then return to those same questions after?

Also, I'd love it if the URLs presented in the films were also available somewhere else. Maybe they are in the blog? I'm thinking of indiepornrevolution and something like lexieweb? The euro buttplug ride one. And any others I'm forgetting.

Anyway, that's my thoughts. Thanks again for putting on such a fun show for bikesexuals like us.
Thank you Abundant! Having excited people wanting to examine and appreciate various forms of sexuality make this massive project worthwhile. That and the handlebar rides... and the parties. Okay, most of this is seriously fabulous, but we are grateful for your words just the same!

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