September 4, 2012

Birth of a Bikesexual Nation

Marisa Black has been a frequent and popular writer for Dodson and Ross for some time. This summer she decided to take her transportation in her hands, not knowing exactly where it would deliver her spirits.

Getting my crotch accustomed to the pressure was a challenge. But in a surprisingly short period of time, long stints became much easier, even pleasurable, on my tender bits.

 But that is just the beginning of a fabulous Bike Sexual tale that deserves to be heard and shared the world over! Click here to hop in the saddle!

Certainly my love affair with Dawn the Bike includes sexual aspects. Being physical and exerting myself increases my feeling of residing inside my body, ramping up my already-high libido. The vibration of turning wheels travels through the frame and makes my vulva quiver. That long, sustained, self-created vibe in my cunt leaves me abuzz. The edge of the saddle pressing against my lips elicits a quiet smile. Just the thought of time on my bike causes my thighs to twitch and my groin to contract. Being on my bike, my beloved Dawn, has become a highly erotic activity.

Exciting verbiage, but little can compare with this closer!

"The sense of capability, of taking myself where I want to go, by my own power, is beyond the literal aspects of linear movement. Bicycling is capable empowerment. I can do this. I can go places. I can take myself there. My body is a vehicle of transformation"

thnaks Ms Black!

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