September 14, 2012

Turning TriXXX in Denver

Whew! We had a handful of friends and supporters who had been trying to help us find the right place to share our smut with wheels... without success for months. With the Boulder and Ft Collins show booked for several weeks and no promising leads in Denver we were ready to give up on it all together. Especially discouraging because we have had some really excellent shows in Denver before.

Check out some of these pictures from the about the same time a presidential term ago:

This pic was NOT from the first ever Desecration Cat, but it should have been

Denver Kink Tank offered some bodies for abuse

By any measure it was a success

This weekend we haven't planned fun bonus activities,  amazing local performers, or a team of twinks prancing around in thongs, but we do have a venue where all of these things COULD HAPPEN.

Friday September 14
Deer Pile
206 East 13th Avenue
10:30 pm
Generous donations appreciated!

Then we have our last Colorado show on Saturday in Ft Collins!

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