March 1, 2013

Bike Smut's Great Bike-Sexual Story Contest

Hello to all the Bike-Smutteers out there!  As some of you might know (especially those of you who were at some of our recent shows) tis the season where we here at Bike Smut really start pestering you to make a movie.
Got that? no????


We will have the official 'call for entries' out next week, but to start those brains a-ticking we thought we would try something new. We are going to have our very first bike-sexual story contest. We want to see your hottest bike-sexual fantasies and your most daring real life bike-sexual adventures on paper. Fact or fiction, funny or dramatic, as long as it has to do with bikes and sex we want to hear it! This is the perfect opportunity for those of you who have a great idea but havent convinced all your desired co-stars to hop on the saddle with you. Or maybe you just love to write and have been waiting for the moment you can get all that filth out of your head and on to paper.

As a prize, we will pick our favourite to make into a movie for this year's program. Yup, thats right, your bike-sexual dreams actualized into a real piece of digital cinema! WOOT!

Submit your short stories to 

disclaimer: Writing a short bike-sexual story is a great way to express your bike-sexuality, but it is not an excuse to not make a movie too!!

make a movie
make a movie
make a movie

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