March 15, 2013

Hop on 'The Porny Express"

It's time for YOU to contribute to another year of ethical bicycle perversion!

For six years we have asked our ever-growing community of bike-sexuals to express their ideas on bikes and sex. Year seven will be no different. Last year's program boasted SEVEN films by European filmmakers! (Great job, Europe!) This year, we went all around America and into Canada on our excellent 'Tour De Trixxx' We also went south of the border for THE VERY FIRST TIME on our 'Riding MeXXXico' Tour. We also managed to have Bike Smut films showing in 3 major cities on two continents all in one weekend! This included a very well attended Berlin Porn Film Festival Screening with rave reviews.

You have never failed to impress and surprise us with your creativity. We are sure year seven will be no different and we are so excited to continue sharing this content all over the world without ever putting it online or releasing a DVD.

Maybe you saw the movies and were inspired. Or maybe you saw the movies and were unimpressed. Maybe you didn't see the movies, but want to ensure you don't miss it next time round. (The best way to get us to come to our town is by making a movie!) Maybe you are a cyclist who wants to inspire your friends to be more open about sex, or introduce your pervy/kinky friends to the wonderful empowerment of the bicycle. Maybe you just like bikes and sex. It can be that simple!!

So, you wanna know how to get in on the action??

1. Get an idea! What do you like about bikes and sex? This years theme is 'The Porny Express'. What does that mean to you? Bicycles dressed up as horses? Old west brothels with bicycle parking? And still the throne of ultimate bike-sexuality remains unclaimed. Can you obtain coitus whilst riding a bicycle? (That's right, it's never been done and sent to us on film!)  We are not too strict on our themes. So, whatever your idea, make it sexy, make it clever, make it awesome. Just make bike porn!!!

2. Find a friend(s). It is possible to make a totally solo and totally great bike porn. But even if you and your bike are the only 'actors' its great to have a few more people on board. Camera operators are handy and make it easier to get better shots. Musicians can be great for providing sexy backing music. More people means more ideas, which can lead to really really great art. This project is all about community, so get your community involved in a great project!

3. Get a camera. (What, that cell phone shoots video??) We dont care how you shoot it. Just find a way to get it in some shareable format. Cameras are everywhere these days. Shoot in super 8, shoot in HD, string a bunch of still images together from your iphone. We prefer 16x9 ratio, but if you wanna shoot in pixelsvison or some other crazy format, we are ok with that.

4. Make your movie. Lights, camera, action as they say. Once you get it all recorded you are going to want to try your hand at some editing. Sharing ideas works best when they are quick and concise. Keep it under 10 mins (we think 5 mins and under is even better!) and the audience is more likely to stay engaged and understand what you are trying to say. That also keeps our show to one evening long, rather than an all night marathon of bike porn.

5. Fill out the 'Entry Form.' I know, i know...paperwork!!!??! It's a boring part of the biz, but we gotta do it. We kept it as short as possible, and it's a little more work for you that means A LOT less work for us. You can get your copy from HERE. If you have questions, send us an email.

6. Get your movie in our hands by May 25th! The entry form also has all the info you need to get it so us.  Once we have it, we promise not to put it online, release a DVD or tell your grandma.

May 5th 25th is the deadline for Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express

Just in case you didn't get that before.

You make it possible for bikers to talk about sex. You make it
possible for sex fiends to enjoy biking. You make your community
stronger and more aware. You share these things with people you care
about because it improves their lives. All you have to do is make a movie.

P.S. We have some super sweet posters and postcards for our 'call for entries', featuring the beautiful art above. If you work in a bookstore, bike shop, bordello or some similar community space that might want to share these ideas in poster/postcard format, please get in touch.

P.P.S. Are you a great writer? Why not send us a submission to our 'Great Bike-Sexual Story Contest'.


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