March 13, 2013

Hot in Your Box!

Today we got a bit of exciting mail... coincidentally it was from an excited male!

Sure thing, Michael* aka Mic aka Floyd Landis aka every preteen school girlboygirl's mooseknuckle wet dream.  While we like getting mail from famous bike racers we are a little sad to see Landis and Lance hung out to dry on the drug scapegoat podium. Particularly when Michael Phelps is a much more interesting drug user. Maybe someday college kids will hang around pumping oxygenated blood into their veins but until then...

But nevermind the woes of professional racing drug using. If you want some exciting mail in your box we have just the thing. The new artwork for Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express is being printed right now! Be the first bikesexual on on your block to see the art and take some extra time to share with others your interest in sex and cycling. We will send you a package with postcards and posters for you to distribute. Yes we are passing the bikesexual savings on to you, the nonpaying customer.

Here's how:

  • write to including
  • your full name and mailing address
  • your desired number of posters
  • your desired number of postcards
  • a bikesexual act you would like to see on the big screen

In a week you will receive a package with our brand new art AND stickers and maybe if you are lucky some personal art.

Otherwise we are gonna have our friend Mic Landis come and deliver the packages personally. And that could cost the state millions in drug sniffing dogs and damaged police vehicles.

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