March 28, 2013

WHACK!ng it with Bikes!

Presenting the greatest WHACK! since kitty abuse

WHACK! presents Bike Smut
a casually radical interview by Lynsey G

Below is a little taste:

Lynsey G: ... You do hear about women having orgasms on exercise bikes, so I can see there being an actual sexual aspect to the bike itself for some people.
Poppy Cox: Oh yeah. It makes you feel really good. It gets your blood pumping. There’s definitely more than one video or story of girls getting off on bikes, which is pretty awesome. Actually one of our favorite movies, which was made in Brooklyn, is sort of a freak bike that was built… it’s a stationary bike, but it has a big complex bicycle wheel system to make a moving dildo that fucks the person at the other end.
Lynsey G! [laughing] I think I saw that, actually, at the Museum of Sex!
PC: Yeah, it’s definitely on the internet. It’s one of our few films that’s actually on the internet. They call it ‘Fuck Bike #001.’ It’s all in black and white.

The conversation covers topics of distribution and obscenity and prior restraint and goes over some of our more difficult moments bringing better porn to the people.

Later on we found that this sticker we got from Courtney Trouble was actually from Lynsey G. Whoa! Small fucking world.

There’s a tremendous amount of insecurity associated with how we get around. Being able to have more open and honest conversations about our desires will help prevent the bad sexy time and make the good times better and more often!

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