April 10, 2013

Share your vision of The Porny Express!

Bike Smut's Call for Submissions posters are going up all over!

We have had word they have made it from Florida to Alaska and more are on their way to Montreal, GdaƄsk, Vienna, Milan, Copenhagen, and all over the UK!

Behold the view from Bristol's 3-D Pornoscope

Santa Cruz wall has hobo raccoons in a BikeSmut sandwich

Delivering the Alaskan Bikesexual Package

More from the Alaska desk which was recently cleared of snow to make room for our hot package.

bike dick enabled

Yes Bike Smut has designs on going to Alaska. While there we may lay some fat pipe and dig up some fossils
London Gets Smut
Behold the grime from New Orleans

some packages remain uncut

presenting the phallic fruit of Puebla, Mexico

We will keep this page updated with the finest images as they come in. If you see one feel free to take a pic and share it with us. Bonus points for bikesexual creativity.

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