April 29, 2013

Love of Mystery finds a bike between yr thighs

Do you feel sexy when you are riding your bike? The wind in your hair, the sun at your back, heavy breathing, something hard and tubular between your legs...
So sayeth the Love of Mystery, aka Erin who frequently journals her opinions and experiences regarding sexuality "from a life affirming place and for activism".  Which sounds about perfect to us.*

In the article, Erin encourages readers to create their own short, erotic movie for our upcoming 7th annual program "The Porny Express" and we are treated to some hot bicycle imagery direct from the author:
That evening I thought about how fun and it would be to shoot something involving riding my bike to the farmers market and buying vegetables while secretly enjoying a butt plug.
We are not sure this isn't happening often. Now that we have toured in 23 different countries with such a diverse collection of ideas about how to get on and off bikes it seems all too likely that there have been a number of people who have enjoyed their dirty secret in public.

I imagine a world where all people are able to be liberated from the social mores of the past and be follow their internal drives while respecting and loving one another.
Amen sister. We hope you will enjoy this article and more writing from the Love Of Mystery blog!

There's not much time left, make some sweet bicycle erotica today!

*Is it possible to engage in sex-positive and/or bicycle culture without being an activist? Possibly, but for the time being we will give the 24-hr party people a pass as long as they are doing it in the road.

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