April 20, 2013

The Passing of Kiki

Portland is blessed. Within the small city there is vast opportunity for self exploration and various designers, activists and otherwise well meaning humans any of which might be able to offer you a bit of time necessary to help you find your way.

But for all the heartfelt intentions tragedy still strikes in Stumptown, the same as anywhere. This week we morn the passing of beloved bikesexual, Kiki.

Under the alias Agent Crush, Kiki spent more years popping and u-locking than just about any other bike dancer in the world. She joined the Sprockettes shortly after their founding in 2003 and was a force of empowered femininity for many years after. With glamorous red curls and a confident stance she was immediately recognizable at bike punk rallies, nonprofit fundraisers, community street fair, girl empowerment camps, and of course in the streets wherever she happened to be riding.

Famed Sprockettes journalist (and occasional bike blogger) Jonathan Maus captured her spirit in images. Nearly all the photos available here were taken by him. We are fortunate that someone with his skilled eye and trustworthy history has kept them available for us to appreciate. Kiki took care to present a very particular image and she did it extraordinarily well.

 Kiki had a fun and mischievous spirit. But she was also quite caring. She was one of the organizers of the fundraisers for Hollis, a bike-dance sister who suffered significant brain trauma in a nearly fatal collision while traveling in India. Four years of treatment later Hollis is still recovering. Kiki's trauma left no such possibility. After a few days of stress her family learned there was no brain activity and so she was taken off life support earlier this week.

"She had a natural talent and joyous nature that shined through her performances" said Agent Trouble at a teary-eyed memorial in Oakland this week. "Fuck, I can't believe she is gone."

A memorial is scheduled for this weekend. For those who have the means and would like to contribute to her funeral please click here.

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  1. Well, someone needs to make a comment. Thanks, Phil.

    We lost someone really special.Really fucking special.
    It impossible to know what to say. Jonathan put it really well, when he said, "Take care of the people you love and please watch out for yourself and your friends."
    Much Love.


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