April 23, 2013

Behold The 3rd Lingerace!

Austin is hot. Sure the Sun being the source of live on the planet has something to do with the temperature, but for a moment forget the sun, because the streets are burning with sexy bikers!

Enter the 3rd annual Lingerace, where bikesexuals in Austin, TX race and compete in other exciting bicycle events while wearing lingerie. This fundraiser will help take the Ladies of Austin TX Bike Polo all the way to Vancouver, BC for Ladies Army 5. One of the largest gathering of hard femms on Earth and some mighty fine sport!

The folks at the Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club are no strangers to Bike Smut. In fact they made a lighthearted smutty little polo video to promote our "4:PLAY" program a few years back.

We are stoked that they are still doing this event in Austin. We first broke the news about the Lingerace back in 2010, and since then they have really expanded their donation base! Tons of sponsors means tons of prizes and lots of emvy for those not in Austin. But you can see how good it was yourself.

props to Fast Folks Cyclery and the Ladies of ATXBPSC

A brief glimpse at how sex-positive, human powered people can enjoy an afternoon. 

All photos courtesy De Mis Ojos Photography

We know how it feels. Thats why we do it

We recently mourned the passing of beloved Sprockette and hard femme, Agent Crush. Thanks for all the support and donations. She would be stoked to know there are more sexy bikers doing it in the streets!

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