September 12, 2013

Return of the Offensive Penis

moments after posting this we learned that the City of Minneapolis came to our proposed venue with a cease and desist order. It would seem the offensive penis still has what it takes to make people uncomfortable.
Earlier this summer small bikesexual riot started off on one of the world's most bike-centric websites,

Fueled by the possibility and that children might be exposed to a type of genitals that 49% already possessed (and another 40% would become more familiar with over the following decade) internet exploded in body-shame and snark.

Dubbed Offensive Penis Gate it provided an opportunity for some to stamp their feet at the horrors of pornography, for others it was taken used as a point of education about body acceptance while most just used it the way most use the internet, for the lols.

Here are some of the original highlights:

Chris I:
"If I had brought up the front page today during my lunch break, I could have potentially lost my job"

"People could get fired if they happen to glance at that at work while a boss/supervisor walks by."

As I never was able to see the original photo, I have to ask if the person in the photo had an erection, was fondling themselves, or was using their genitalia in a sexual manner?
If not, then it would be "art". Now with that said, we could then begin the debate on beauty and its relevance to expression.

Michael Andersen:
Lonngone and any others who might wonder, the photo in question is now the second one down.

"Oh, HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!! That is the photo that received all the prudish comments ?
Hell, I had to look twice, after your comment pointed it out to me!
I need new glasses, and all the members of the morality police that comment here need a reality check.... (good God!??!!)"

OffensicePenisGate has since calmed down, but we are excited to turn up the heat again!

This weekend we are in Minneapolis we have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jessie Hausman who with a bit of caring nature presents Jonathan Maus' classic photo of a man, a bike, an #offensivepenis back into the lime light.

Read all about Bike Smut's newest tour right here, right now!

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