October 8, 2013

Do it with your mouth

The Porny Express has arrived in Canada

and tonight we are back on a Canadian radio!

Sex City is a program on CIUT in Toronto. We will be talking about Bike Smut, our shows in Toronto and Montreal, the politics of sex, cycling and distribution!

Listen in at 10pm Eastern Standard Time

Also, we were just on Bike Talk radio show last week:
Listen to it:  http://archive.kpfk.org/m3u.php?mp3fil=17896
Download it: http://archive.kpfk.org/mp3/kpfk_131005_112000biketalk.mp3

Its radio! Ya know. you can uh... "put it in your mouth"

or your ear? You should probably put it in your ear!

UPDATE: did ya miss it? listen to it online right now 

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