October 16, 2013

Riding Across Your Border

Soon we return to the good old (possibly even not bankrupt) United States. One country down, two more to go and this northern half of the hemisphere is done! (Assuming you don't count the other 20 countries in North America... Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is that a fucking band?  Oh actually, it is)

We have more smiles, joy, oral health pamphlets and porn to deliver as The Porny Express rides on!

No use crying

Burlington, Vermont
Monday, October 21st
Arts Riot
400 Pine St
Adults Only

Sponsored by RU12? ("Are You One Too?" for the tracially unhip) Testing, Educating and Celebrating sexuality with all of Vermont! photo credit

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  1. I know! The composite milk dress on a naked body is pretty much stunning. Thanks for appreciating!


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