October 7, 2013

Sex, Drugs and Bikes that Roll - Toronto on The PornyExpress!

The Porny Express keeps rolling!

After an extended visit in Chicago (with a side trip to Indiana for the first time ever!) Bike Smut made use of the tracks and plopped down in Buffalo for a day in time to witness the handmade bike trailer shear off near the chainstays. So that was exciting. Thankfully we happened to be visiting another Bike Wizard who just happened to be in the process of setting up a metal shop.

So 10 beers and one pizza later the trailer had a few extra ounces of steel to reinforce. You want to talk about confidence? Immediately afterward it went 144 Kilometers from Buffalo to Hamilton, ON through wind, ruts, train tracks, confusing directions and insane drivers without any trouble.

Now its parked in the questionable safety of our Toronto Bike Smut HQ.

Perhaps if there is demand we will bring it out to the show this Thursday for you to marvel upon. Where are the mutant, cargo bike freaks? This is your chance to see what the best minds in Portland/Minneapolis/Buffalo can manifest!

Either way you should watch inspiring pornography. 

For the 2nd time ever The Porny Express crosses international boundaries to provide a dozen artists' visions about what is great about sex and cycling. (hint: not everyone feels the same about it!)

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express
Thursday 10/10 (is that October 10th or is it the 10th of October? IT DOESNOTFUCKINGMATTER)
CineCycle129 Spadina Ave (in the old coach house down the lane)
doors at 7:45, screening at 8:15 

Not available on DVD or online. 
This is the only time you will get to see The Porny Express in Toronto!

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