October 9, 2013

Filmmaker Focus #2 - Vulvaline

We continue our weekly series where you the content starved bikesexuals get to learn a little more about the people who turn you on to getting off... on bikes!


This 2nd Filmmaker Focus highlights a brilliant bit of bikesexual/automotive/transpirational tonge-in-cheeky action. The kind that pulls you in and brings your attention to a peak then delivers the big "HEYO!" at the end. Its one of THREE from Montreal this year, the most movies we have ever received from a single city in one program. It is also directed by a woman, although that is hardly a rarity for Bike Smut. 7 of the 12 movies are directed by women compared to only 4 by men (and there is a little queerness about some of the directors' gender so it might be closer to 5 or 6 women, 2 or 3 men with 6 films by queer filmmakers/multi-gendered collaborations)

But why listen to us prattle when you can hear direct from Marie-Ève Laroche, of Montreal, Quebec.

This is the little story of Vulvaline... 
I made the movie Vulvaline because my boyfriend went to your presentation in Montréal last year and when he came back, he told me that it was the best evening of his life. At the same place he saw sexual movie, bike performance, he ate grill-cheese and he drank lot of cheap beer, four thing that my lover can kill to have! 
He was so impress about your festival that he spend the last year trying to convince me to make our personal movie. He wanted us to go downhilling naked with just a fullface helmet and having outside sex after the ride. All this while being filmed! I was not very open to his idea, I am video journalist and usually when I produce a video, it's for more serious subject!  
But is stubbornness had made a trail in my mind and one night that I could not sleep, I found the idea for my movie. It's inspired by a friend who described us little bit too much about the juice of his fuckfriend. He told us, that she produce so much that he can market it for old dry women. 

My boyfriend is a bike shop owner and he told so many customers about the festival, that it was not difficult to find a beautiful girl willing to play in my movie. Maria (the actress) was very motivate and we made the movie in one day last spring. I borrowed all the equipment at my job and William my colleague helped me for the filming and editing. He was very professionnel because I don't know many guys who can stay concentrated when filming a girl cuming. 

I love my bike! It's the reason how I met my boyfriend. I using it every day, twelve month by year and this is why I made a movie about Love bike. I know it's a very soft film for your festival but I hope you will appreciate! 

 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

Bike Smut 7: The Porny Express in Montreal
Thursday, October 17th!
Cafe Cleopatra
1230 St. Laurent 

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