April 5, 2008

The (almost) end of the Choad

Gabe is still in the hospital, probably being released on Sunday April 6th. We are driving back from SLC to Denver to collect the sexy body and return our collective tired asses back to the northwest.

But what a way to go out. Salt Lake, UT (or as my friend Professor, Frank Lynch calls it, SL UT) was exploding with porny flavors. A warehouse party with kegs of beer, Sucker Punch cocktails, Gold Sprints, striping on bikes, midnight mass to Joseph Smith's rock garden, tall bike allycats, and more.

Thanks for hosting us in style and ending this tour in a way Gabe would have loved. We were drinking beer for him while he was taking shots of morphine for us. What a guy.

Some good news for our friends in northern Cascadia, The Pornography of the Bicycle is coming to Vancouver BC for Bike Prom! We may just strap gabe to a stretcher and send him up as he is.

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