April 25, 2008

Sexual violence among bikes and bikers

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. An awkward time for pornographers. Being on the supply side of sex culture usually feels great! But there is a lot of silence about the other side.

In Pittsburgh we were criticized for our lack of warning regarding the graphic nature of some of the movies.

A debate ensued. We asked them and we'll ask you. What is the proper way to explain to an audience the graphic content they are about to watch? It is far to easy to just say, "Its bike porn. It's about bicycles and pornography" and leave it at that.

The matter is more complicated. Pornography comes in lots of flavors, from vanilla to snuff. So too does our program of sexual bike movies span a wide spectrum. On the more vanilla side you have an audience heckling for sex, and on the other hand you have an audience disturbed by the surreal nature of hardcore bike fucking. So what way should we brace the audience?

Consider that as your are making your films. The deadline is only days away. May 7th. Do it faster, harder, better.

Well April is not over yet. The Portland Women's Crisis Line has just one more event happening this coming week: Confronting Sexual Violence in the Workplace
7pm Liberty Hall, 311 N Ivy

We hope to be there. Maybe some other "industry" types will also benefit from learning what employers and unions can do to prevent it the wrong kind of sexual violence.

The difference between appropriate positive sexual reinforcement for your bike,
and scary discomfort is not always easy.

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