April 4, 2008

pornographer down!

Funny story, we spent the morning bombing down Pikes Peak on minibikes. The high wind warning made for empty roads but poor filming.

Then in the afternoon we came back to Denver and checked out the skate park. The turf was slick, and while biking around Gabe's tire slipped out and he landed on his hip and broke his femur.

And now he is undergoing emergency orthopedic surgery this Friday morning at 7am. Yet we have a screening in SLC on Friday! We are forced to leave our fellow pornographer behind to enjoy a kick ass warehouse party:

Friday 4/4/2008
Doors @ 8:00 pm
, Movie starts @ 9:00 pm
Point Six Percent Productions

1130 South Richards Street

parking around back

We heard there is a pool back in our hometown of Portland, OR about who would drop out 1st and when. Time to collect.

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