April 13, 2008

home, humpy home

Any homecoming feels great. Finding the comfort that was lost while one was away... reconnecting with bikes and riding friends.

Portland we missed you. But it was grand to come home to such fucking bicycle beauty. Filmed by Bike, Portland's original homegrown bike movie festival held it down in impressive style. What organizational mastery. 1000s of bikers yelling and drinking and showing off the goods all weekend long at the Clinton St Theater.

It means something special to us that so many 1st time filmmakers are pushing the envelope. What saucy upstarts!

Speaking of starting up with the sauce,
our favorite drinking club with a biking problem is on the verge of hosting another bike movie festival

The Dead Baby Bikes International Independent Film Festival, or DBBIIFF (pronounced deh-BEH-ff, we think) is Thursday, May 1st. If you are in Seattle sick around an extra day and join the monthly "first Friday" club ride on the 2nd.

We hope more people will step up to help define what "bike porn" is for our community this coming season. The early deadline is rapidly approaching. Contact us if you are making something.

photo credit bikeportland.org

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