April 11, 2008

BikePorn2: call for enteries

April 15th, the "softpack" deadline for Bikexploitation is upon us!

Maybe you are a sexy biker, or know of a sexy biker that you would like to exploit. Consider creating a short video on the theme, "bikexploitation".

This is the call for entries, please note: not all bike porn is taking seats up rectums!

Not that we are opposed to people literally interpreting the term, "entries" but you should know that Bike porn can manifest in many forms. Consider the decisive nature of steering, or the delicate way your pom poms float in the breeze, how brutally you dominate those pedals, driving each of them further and further. There are a multitude of manners by which to derive ones sexual gratification from a bike but have you considered how many ways to deliver such gratification to your bicycle?

Sexual liberation is a right. Claim it proudly. Stand tall with us as we say, "FUCK BIKES!"

Please don't let your feelings (or orifices) get hurt, contact us if you are making something and we will try to reserve your time slot; and please be safe.

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