November 27, 2008

Polo in the Bay

Hardcourt bike hockey started in the Pacific Northwest 7-8 years ago. Teams in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver have for much of that time been beating the crap out of each other for fun and bragging rights. A number of breweries have been able to make it though slow economic periods due to our patronage.

From the NW many a sojurn was made to the Bay in seach of similar hardcourt action. Typically the result was good, but not sustained. SF was perpetually the land of old school grass polo.

In 2007 SF hosted the NACCs and many bike punks got a taste of what bike polo can be. Epic games are still discussed in Portland ad nauseam.
Here we see the influence of NW polo.
Now at the end of 2008 both SF and Oakland have regular polo battles, this weekend there are a couple extra.

  • Thursday November 27 -
  • Oakland Polo Rockridge BART. Oakland's regular weekly game every Thursday night.
  • 8pm
  • Saturday November 29
  • Lobot Gallery
  • Special edition INDOOR POLO
  • 10pm (after bike porn screening at 8pm)
  • Sunday November 30
  • Ride SFO bike expo and polo at Cow Palace in SF.
  • Special edition INDOOR POLO
  • 3pm
  • Monday December 1st
  • Every Monday night in the Mission come play
  • Dolores Park
  • Church and 18th
  • 7pm

We heartily encourage you to check for an international discussion of the game's finer points and blunts.

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