November 20, 2008

pulverising non fun

Let us have some rad fucking times

Apparently the Baldy Bomb has been moved. Now it is a Sat night camp out and Sunday bomb.

To find us on friday go to the bike shop by the Gold Student Center

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much thanks to the Velo Cult for hosting us, and all the polo players of San Diego who pulled it together for some late night action.


  1. Who the hell (from Pitzer College) wrote those smashing good words here on this blog? Anywhow, REV PHIL! is currently bombing Mt. Baldy, still reeling from the incredible weekend Claremont (read Pitzer College GBP) showed him. Wanted to give PHIL a shout-out for helping put together what I believe to be Claremont’s first ever nekked ride and, in the same afternoon, the first, but surely not the last, round of “WHAT’S UP YOUR BUTT!” Thanks again PHIL, and to the TWIN-BROTHER POLO CHAMPS OF THE WORLD with you, for the good times. Rep-ed you guys at the bike oven, have fun in Highland Park.

  2. the next naked ride is only a zipper away


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