November 9, 2008

Davis Bike Church: Get the Fuck Out!

Brothers and sisters, it has come to our attention that the Davis Bike Church, which has been offering education, tools and support to cyclists for several years, has been evicted!

Citing things such as being open to the Davis community-at-large as a liability the UC Davis Student Housing has not given us any possible alternatives, stating only that we need to get out.
- paraphrased statement from the Bike Church Ministers

This is a very disturbing turn of events. Davis, California was the nations first platinum bike city as defined by the American League of Cyclists. It has been a badge that many residents have worn with pride. After this despicable act they may be the first city to ever loose the status as a Platinum Bike City.

lots of bikes

Bike Church represented at 3:40 in this Street Films movie

To contact the UC Davis Student Housing, email Chuck Huneke, Assistant Director of Residential Education


email the the bike church with your support:

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  1. It has reopened!

    now available at 4th and L starting April 15, 2009.


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