November 4, 2008

working the Bisbee Business

We are out of Texas!

Presently we are on the road West past Warez, Mexico (the home of one of the most terrifying series of unanswered female disappearings and deaths) To Bisbee, AZ where Spooky Tooth Cycles plays host to our sultry cycle program. A added bonus, The Whiskey Breath Burlesque is joining us in this screening (and again on Friday in Tucson)
  • Wed, November 5th
  • Spooky Tooth Cycles
  • One Cochise Row, Bisbee AZ
  • 8pm, donations
Also, they are working on having some naked tall bike jousting beforehand.

Honestly, we are thinking of making them some sort of award for having the best web page pimping the show.

ALSO we hear they play polo Thursday in Tucson. So we are coming ready!

Comon AZ! lets do this up right!

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