November 10, 2008


Dr Doom raced in the Single Speed Cyclecross World Championships in Portland this weekend:

According to our sources, he got a flat in the first lap and played catchup and drink the rest of the race in order to take home 50th place. This image captures much of the Republic of Doom sentiment.


  1. Well it’s good to see that everything is going swimmingly for you dear.

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  2. er, can we get a ruling from the peanut gallery?

    is this a useful link?

    There are a lot of lonely single speed boys out there...

  3. Definitely spam, but spam with hot man-chests! Anyone in England in need of some male escort services? If only he lived in L.A. - then he might be able to offer his wares at your show.

  4. indeed. anyway in case anyone was confused Doctor Doom, photographed here in the lovely home of John Baily, is using a crafty play on words to help pimp our new stickers:

    " I C A M E
    on my bike today"

    order yours when we have the ability to process orders. (i.e. not today!)


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