November 17, 2009

the biggest little *.* in the world

We are nearing the end of the Chain Whip Tour, only a few Oregon towns await their molestation from our greasy biker's paws. But for now we will take in the rich cultural experience that is Reno's finest biker bar: The Broken Spoke.

Man does this place gleam! Beautiful wood tables, impressively old, historically awesome art and everywhere is the salt of the earth sampling the sauce.

Normally we would be very nervous playing in a bar. Screening movies in the same space where people are ordering drinks does not make for a very conducive environment for paying attention to the screen. Thankfully their massive backroom will be transformed into a theater and make for a great place to show some porn!

  • Wednesday November 18th
  • Broken Spoke
  • 71 S. Wells Ave (down the alley)
  • 11:50pm
  • With special live performances by local entertainers

Where *.* = the massive cumlative clitteral erections

1 comment:

  1. Had a great time with you guys Wednesday! Come back soon and I promise I will be riding a bike next time :) Have fun!


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