November 13, 2009

Whats full of bikes and strippers?

... and is not Portland Oregon?


Actually, there are probably not as many strippers in Vegas as one might think. And while the sex industry is brisk, it is mostly off the street (which, coincidently, is what we have also heard regarding the cycling).

So what are we gonna do?

We are gonna fuck bikes like a bankrupt tradesman who has been at the blackjack table for 6 hours too long. Does that metaphor not work for you? Pft! K. Fine. we can try again later.

But for now we will break it down for you like a pit boss giving the facts.

  • Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound
  • Saturday November 14th
  • Onyx Theatre
  • 953 S. Sahara Ave #16
  • 7pm
  • $10, 21+
  • Includes Jello Shots

Afterwards, who knows? Maybe this weekend we will get into some star gazing, or bike polo with UNLV Bikes, or who-knows-what-else!

Just do us a favor and try and squeegee up when you are done abusing those top tubes, okay?

photo credit to mtn bike forums

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