November 7, 2009

Sunday Porny Sunday

Having just driven for most of the day along route 666, we were able to get into ABQ with just enough time to catch some BDSM. Our team has 5 VIP passes to all the Pornotopia shows.

So far all the videos have had plenty of porn, however we have noticed that although the porn is very real, they seem to sacrifice some character development. Go figure. Porn without personal interest or backstory is a challenge, but some of the movies showed so much real passion we could almost create a bit of a story out of the actors' behaviors.

Tonight we rally to the "Vintage and Vaudeville - Retro Skin flicks and Sexy Live Acts, Fresh Performances;" we'll see how the locals' performances stack up against our own live show.

More troubling is that the city is still working so hard to keep the show from happening. Due to a strange zoning law, they (and all movie theaters showing R-rated films) are breaking the law all the time. The text on the books says that there can be no female nipple, no butcrack, no genitalia of any sort. Perhaps only Boise was more restrictive. The city said they didn't want any live displays of nudity, but that films showing all matter of sex are okay, for now. The city even bought a handful of passes to check and make sure there was not anything displaying, saying that if there was so much as a wardrobe malfunction they would shut the entire festival down.

Big talk for a city that is actively attempting to deny constitutional rights to the people of Albuquerque. This will be the 1st show where we are not allowed to get as naked as we want!

Still we are planning on having it rock the people. We have already met lots of nice bikers. Including some folks from the "Bike Co-op" and "Two Wheel Drive." We didn't see anyone from Fixed and Free but we are hoping that between all the bike lanes and the folks behind that we can get in some sort of group ride tomorrow!

Bring it ABQ

  • Bike Porn 3: Cycle Bound

  • Sunday November 8th

  • The Guild Cinema

  • 3405 Central Ave. NE

  • 5:30pm

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  1. You think that once the city-government-level Powers That Be see what WE have to offer, they'll still be OK with "films showing all manner of sex?" Did they REALLY know what they were getting themselves into when they committed to being OK with depictions of ALL kinds of sex? Good thing we're screening toward the end of the festival...

  2. I just came from watching Bike Porn at the ABQ Pornotopia, and it was the most awesome amazing thing ever.

    Sadly, after that, they showed boring hetero people making love with the enthusiasm and skill of Joe Wilson at a NACCP meeting. Luckily, Mr. Bike Porn was there to help us mock it, although sadly we then got called down.

    Thanks guys! Awesome show.

  3. Hey Heidi, we are ever so greatful that you enjoyed the show! Any further gushing of support or critisim would be enjoyed here

    That said, we did have a great time watching the movie with some good company. Hecking might be too strong a word, but enjoying the foyables of sex in public feels good. But yes, audience participation is best when everyone is able to enjoy themselves, which can't happen if you cant hear the movie. Not being able to properly har the audio is the most frequent cause of distress in the audience. And in the program's defense it is still a bit of a raw product.

    Moreover the vanilla sex we watched at the beginning of "Positions for Lovers: 3 Real Couples Share" was not ment to blow you away. It was likely designed to give the "here-is-the-tender-but-not-earth-shattering-sex-you-have-before-you-learn-all-these-great-sex-positions" feeling.

    It is an interesting method of encouraging more creative sex. Perhaps just shy of manipulative even, although being manipulated properly can feel pretty great!

    thanks again for your support

  4. thanks for the (largely undeserved) photo credit. i just found it on the 'tubes because it cracks me up. i like that you treat bikes like women. i think.

  5. We do what we can. We hear that image was origonally put up on 4chan as anonymous but we found it on your site.


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