November 11, 2009

josh guest post #1

This is the 1st post by fellow bike porn tourista joshua while on tour...

Howdy fellow bikesexuals,

First off, I would love to say that this tour has been the shit. Thanks to all the awesome people who have hosted us and helped contribute to make this tour a success and to the people who have kept both our cycles and us, the bike pornographers, well lubricated. If you ever find yourself in ABQ, New Mexico, and your bicycle needs a tune-up or something, go see the guys at the Bike Coop or Fixed and Free. The guys from these respective shops are lovely people who love bicycles (who knew?). They helped us out and we appreciate it.

We're just now finishing up our show in Flagstaff, and it was a huge success. Now we set our sights on Vegas! Come hang out, see some lovely adult themed bicycle films, and go for a bike ride or two.

Now it's time for me to find some cigarettes to bum, and something with alcohol in it....


  1. Hi, Josh! Glad you're having a good time on Bike Porn Tour, and that you've met good people.

    Perhaps this is some blogging 101 stuff, but I think your blog post could better incite readers to masturbate, or at least make us more interested in the tour. I wanna hear an anecdote about something specific that happened on the tour, something that someone did that got you hot, something that someone said that blew your mind, a long, hot, sexy, drawn-out description of a bike that made you swoon, etc. There are so many possibilities!

    Inspire amazement! Inspire potential bike porn viewers! Inspire me!

    Love, sex-starved in PDX,


  2. eat some food to stay alive josh!


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