November 1, 2009

Look at the size of the (genetalia shapped) Fruita


For over a year we have been trying with great... uh, whatever the opposite of success is, to get a screening in one of the most underrated lands of epic singletrack.

Our friends at Hot Tomato Cafe (who we found courtesy of the venerable and talented Dr. Doom) were very willing to help, if only they weren't remodeling their pizzatorium. Then there was the unnamed would-be pro-women cycling group whose response to the idea of acknowledging the sexuality of cycling was as visceral and ignorant as a South Carolina Senator. So what's a pornographer to do?

Turn to the bike shops. Those mechanix who use tools everyday to lube, stretch, pound, and ream those objects of freedom and desire deserve it.

Thus our quest was not fruitless!

  • Wednesday November 4th
  • Over The Edge Sports
  • 202 E. Aspen Ave.
  • Donations accepted
  • 8pm, mature adults only

Come out and enjoy some refreshing beverages for cheap!

photo credit to FearlessGearless and Chris Pierce

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